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19 December 2019


University of Sydney social scientists will help address fundamental questions about the development of politics and society as part of a new multimillion-dollar cross-university research project.
16 December 2019


The Indian Minister responsible for consumer protection has praised the University of Sydney Business School's role in a major overhaul of his country's consumer protection laws, which he says will empower the people of India with enforceable rights.
13 December 2019


A new report has found mature workers across Australia feel excluded in today's workforce and have limited development opportunities and flexible work arrangements, compared to younger workers.
04 December 2019


A new public policy institute will be established to undertake research on the most pressing public policy issues facing New South Wales.
28 November 2019


The University of Sydney has created a fellowship program to nurture cultural diversity within the next generation of Australian leaders.
20 November 2019


As a delegation from the University travels across India, Her Excellency Harinder Sidhu tells us about the pressures and rewards of her role, and her hopes for Indian students at Sydney.
13 November 2019


A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Sydney reveals public transport investments in large metropolitan areas reap a better return, with more passengers adopting public transport, than those in smaller cities.
11 November 2019


Two University of Sydney social scientists have been elected to the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia in recognition of their world-leading research in the fields of intellectual history and environmental justice.
06 November 2019


On Sunday, air pollution in New Delhi, India reached its worst levels for the year, with authorities declaring a public health emergency and ordering the closure of schools. Experts discuss the causes of the air pollution and the significant health impacts.
30 October 2019


Processes of data collection and analysis used to decide policy need to be as independent and transparent as possible, academics from the University of Sydney's Centre for Translational Data Science say.
01 October 2019


A state government report has recommended repealing the lockout laws in the Sydney CBD, consistent with evidence the University of Sydney's Centre for Translational Data Science provided to the government's inquiry.
27 September 2019


Australia is bracing for another hot, dry summer. With no respite in sight for drought-affected communities, what's the long-term solution for our chronic water shortage? University of Sydney experts weigh up the options and examine current policy proposals.
20 September 2019


Undergraduate students Madhullikaa Singh from Mumbai and Aryan Bhatia from Delhi are the inaugural recipients of the two major scholarships offered under the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship program, valued at up to AU$200,000 (INR 10,000,000) each.
13 September 2019


With wealth inequality in Australia showing no sign of slowing, it is now a person's assets - rather than their employment status - that operates as the key decider and distributor of their life chances, argue University of Sydney researchers in a new paper.
12 September 2019


This week, the federal government tabled a Bill that, if passed, will trial drug testing among welfare recipients in three locations. Labor and the Greens have opposed this since it was first proposed in 2017. University of Sydney health, policy, and welfare experts, too, condemn it.
12 September 2019


Research at the University of Sydney Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics suggests the devices currently used return both false positives and false negatives.
04 September 2019


The University of Sydney, which has its own criminology research centre, will officially expand its joint operations with the government crime research agency.
30 August 2019


Tightened parliamentary timeframes have made the prospect of Britain exiting the European Union on 31 October without a deal in place far more likely, writes Professor Anne Twomey for The Conversation.
23 August 2019


Scientists, engineers and anthropology experts from the University of Sydney discuss the inferno that's raging through the Amazon, devastating large swathes of rainforest and increasing CO2 levels.
13 August 2019


Researchers from the University of Sydney and the Earlham Institute are working with ex-combatants of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (People's Army FARC-EP) to grow their capability to protect the country's valuable biodiversity.
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